Sleep van paardensportbodem

How did you work out the best surface mixture?
As you can see under ‘History’, this has been quite a process. We started off by mixing sand with wood chips. We then improved this mixture by adding fibres, but when used intensively, wood chips quickly wear out. That’s why we now also provide mixtures with geotextiles.

Can this surface be used all year round?
Yes, but when frost is expected, you need to make sure that the upper layer is loosened up a bit. Of course, a thick layer of snow will make any arena unfit for riding.

Does this surface require a lot of water?
That depends on the weather, but during the summer you need to make sure that it doesn’t dry out.

Do I need to install a sprinkler system?
You will need to be able to add moisture during approx. 4 months per year. You can use a slurry tank or something similar for this purpose, or a sprinkler system.

Does this surface require much maintenance?
If the moisture level is right, it doesn’t take much maintenance. You will only need to level and grade it once or twice a week.

Is this surface suitable for all equestrian disciplines?
Our surfaces are perfect for dressage, show jumping and driving. The only discipline it is not suitable for is Western riding.

How long will a surface last?
That depends on how intensively it is used and on how well it is maintained. The surface will naturally thin out over time as footing will occasionally stick to horses’ hooves and may also be removed while cleaning droppings from the arena. You then need to apply a new top layer of 1 or 2cm.

Is it an environmentally friendly product?

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