Our name ‘De Grondslag’ (Dutch for ‘foundation’) refers to our company’s founder, Ben Agterberg, and his expertise. The Dutch word for founder is ‘grondlegger’ (literally ‘ground layer’), which, of course, makes the perfect link to Ben as the one who ‘lays the ground’ for equestrian surfaces!

Many years ago, Ben (who is still a show-jumping rider to be reckoned with) and his three brothers joined their father’s company – the well-known Agterberg firm. Since 1988, he and his wife Conny have also been running the successful ‘De Utrechtse Manege’ livery and training yard.

In 1992, Ben invited a show-jumping course builder from England for a show in the Netherlands. While they were chatting, he told Ben that the
company he worked for used special fibres to stabilise sports fields.
This didn’t fall on deaf ears, and just a week later, Ben had arranged a
meeting in England for the entire board of Dutch football club PSV. This resulted in what is still one of the best football pitches in the Netherlands.

In 1994, Agterberg made its debut at the World Equestrian Games in The Hague. Many things went wrong during this event, but the surface received nothing but praise. This surface, however, was still a mixture of sand, fibres and wood chips. Because wood chips quickly wear out when used intensively, they were later replaced by geotextiles. In 1998, at the European Championships in Arnhem (the Netherlands), this turned out to be a fantastic improvement.

Nowadays, the surfaces are still made of good-quality sand, geotextiles and, if necessary, a certain amount of fibre. By the time Ben started his own company De Grondslag in 2000, he had all the experience and
expertise required to provide his clients with the best possible
riding surfaces, whether for a small private yard or an international event.

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